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Oruii Mirror Corp Ltd
Oruii Mirror Corp Ltd
Oruii Mirror Corp Ltd
Oruii Mirror Corp Ltd

Oruii is the leading manufacturer of glass mirror industry, architectural glass in China and the East Asia. As a professional manufacturer, oruii paid great attention to quality as well as aesthetic design, and the products have been well received by customers in America, Canada, England, Netherland, Australia, Ukraine, Russia, Brazil, India, UAE, and etc.

Mirror sheet series:
Silver coating mirror; aluminum coating mirror; copper free mirror; lead free mirror; concentrating solar mirror.

Tinted mirror series:
Black mirror, bronze mirror, blue mirror, grey mirror, golden mirror, green mirror, violet mirror.

Safety mirror series:
Vinyl film mirror (CATI, smooth film), vinyl film mirror (CATII, woven film).

Mirror edge working and deep processing series:
Bevel edge, flat edge, round edge, arris edge, polished edge. Drill hole, groove, curve, temper, shape, acid, etch, sandblast, crush, mosaic.

Finished mirror.
Oval mirror, rectangular mirror, circle mirror, square mirror, octagon mirror, arch mirror, irregular shape mirror, wave mirror, west mirror, cut mirror, frameless mirror.
Bathroom mirror, pocket mirror, over door mirror, furniture mirror, wall mirror, cheval mirror, home mirror, car mirror, mosaic mirror, dressing mirror, vanity mirror, modern mirror, decorative mirror, cosmetic mirror, antique mirror, metal mirror, wooden mirror, full length mirror, crushed mirror, mirror tiles, sliding door mirror, etc.

Glass series:
Float glass, reflective glass, patterned glass, tempered glass, low emission glass, low iron glass, solar glass, varnished glass, tinted glass, laminated glass, acid etched glass, glass block, crushed glass, mosaic glass, etc.

Oruii mission and aim
Through market development strategies and acquisitions, oruii become the leading manufacturer of glass mirror industrial, transportation and architectural glass in China and the East Asia.