DIY water specular reflection of solar panels

DIY water specular reflection of solar panels

Use the mirror to the solar panels to absorb more heat, aluminium mirror such as solar water twice. Flat panel displays can be used for the direct use of geothermal water, or the family to provide heat. Available space and local laws and regulations of the size of the panel decision. The solar water heater panel is a direct water heater, hot water is pumped through the use of solar collectors and water should not be used where the water is very difficult. Indirect heating, hot water circulating through the coil water heaters and heat transfer through the coil. This type of solar water heater panels can be used for any type of water.
1A handle of wood cut into four parts, two 4 ft long and 3 feet 8 inches length. Apply to the cutting edge of the wood preservative wood, and set aside to dry completely. Paint steel stamping, central heating radiator black. Set aside to dry overnight.

2 laying plywood on a flat surface. The outer edge is flush with the plywood edge, lay it across two 4 ft of each other part of the treated wood. Vertical sitting 6 inches side. Nail in place. Lying on the handle of the timber open on both sides of a short section, so that the outer edge of the edge of the plywood flush. Nail in place.

3 Select the one side is the bottom of the container. float glass drill five-hole spacing evenly across the plywood to the treatment. Any condensate drain will occur. Laid the radiator inside the container, the bottom of the radiator, so that both sides of the container side of the rest and the commemoration of intake and output pipe container intersect. Remove the radiator. Drilled into the pipe intersections, marked the holes of both sides.

4Cut insulation and comfortable to put into the container. Covered with metal foil insulation. Container and place the glue to cover the insulation. The solar panels will be used for the location of the container.

5 Insert the radiator. The bottom left and top right of the outflow pipe to connect the rest of the intake pipe and external pipe, flowing through the system.  frameless mirror left and right side edge and caulk to seal. Water-filled radiators, and check for leaks. Sealing caulk any leaks. Laid on a wooden frame and place to complete solar panels, plastic plexiglass.