reflective glass
reflective glass
reflective glass

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Features of reflective glass.

Heat-reflective coated glass, also named solar control coated glass. The Solar control glasses is manufactured through coating several layers of metal oxides on high quality float glasses or tint glasses by the means of vacuum magnetism control and cathodic sputtering, the technological process and coating materials assures the firmness and wear resistance of films. It can be controlled effectively through the visible light and near infrared, and generates the reflective color as requested. With product testing tools and standard management system, reflective glass with high quality in various colors and dimensions is widely used in building large-scale decorations and upholstery. The products by the National Center for Quality Supervision and Inspection and Testing are determined to be coated glass with high quality. Advantage of reflective glass: 1. Effectively restricting the input to direct solar radiation, the distinct shading effect. 2. Colorful hues and excellent reflection of decorative effects. 3. Objects and architectural elements to the interior of overshadowing good sight. 4. The desirable visible light through and reflectance, weakening the UV rays through. 5. Which can effectively control the building heat loss, with energy-saving rate of 50% -60%. Along with the continuous development of architectural aesthetics and the increasing demands of glasses for construction use, it requires the appropriate functional ambient lighting and good sight overhead lighting effects, it also demands certain energy and the colorful splendor of the decorative effects. Colored glass or transparent glass obviously is unable to meet these requirements.

Dimensions of reflective glass: Thickness:2mm-12mm.

Maximum dimensions: 96"x144" (2,440mmx3,660mm).

Regular size:1220x1830mm,1220x2440mm,2250x3210mm,2134x3050mm,2134x3300mm,etc.

Size tolerance: +/- 0.2mm. Color: clear, bronze, dark blue, light blue, French green, dark green, Euro grey, etc.

Application range of reflective glass. 1. Construction curtain wall. 2. Glass doors and windows. 3. Different types of the glass art decorations.

Quality Control: Conformity to GB/T18915.1-2002 " Standard of Solar Control Coated Glass". Conformity to GB/T18915.2-2002 " Standard of Low-Emissivity Coating Glass".