sandblast glass
sandblast glass
sandblast glass

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Features of sandblast glass.

 Sandblast glass also called obscure glass, acid-etched glass, etc. It has a distinctive, uniformly smooth and satin-like appearance. The glass admits light while providing softening and vision control. Sandblast glass is made by spraying sand at high velocities over the surface of the glass. This gives the glass a translucent surface, which is usually rougher than that obtained by etching. During sandblasting, only the areas that are to remain transparent are masked for protection. The depth and degree of the translucency of the sand-blasted finishing vary with the force and type of sand used.

Dimensions of sandblast glass.

Thickness: 3mm-15mm. Maximum dimensions: 96"x144" (2,440mmx3,660mm).

Application range of sandblast glass. Sandblasted glass can be used in numerous interior design applications in both residential and commercial settings, doors, shower screens, partitions and interior screens, furniture, etc.