ultra clear mirror
ultra clear mirror

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silver nitrate

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Features of ultra clear mirror
Super clear mirror is produced by the low iron float glass that virtually no greenish tint as sheet, so the reflections are brighter, more accurate, and images are true-to-life.

Dimensions of ultra clear mirror
Thickness: 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm.
Regular size: 1830x1220mm, 2550x1650mm, 2440x1830mm, 3300x2134mm, 3210x2250mm, etc.
Deep processing: Mirror edge can be deeply processed into round edge(C-edge), flat edge(V-edge), beveled edge, fluted edge, polished edge, etc. Cut sizes are available according to customers’ requirements.

Application range of ultra clear mirror
It is mainly used in all kinds of construction and decorations, such as wardrobe door mirrors, projection screens, ceiling and pillar covers, display cases, decorative walls.