aluminum mirror
aluminum mirror
aluminum mirror
aluminum mirror

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Features of aluminum mirror
Aluminum mirror is produced in the vacuum magnetron sputtering system. It adopted the recent horizontal production line instead of the old vacuum chamber. The aluminum coating is more average sputtering in the glass surface. So, the reflectivity is equal from the mirror middle to the mirror edge. Magnetron sputtering aluminum mirror with good cutting and beveling effect than the old one. The edge paint seldom crack during hard deep processing. Aluminum mirror is widely used in door mirror, pocket mirror, cosmetic mirror, etc.

Dimensions of aluminum mirror
Thickness: 1.3mm,1.5mm,1.8mm,2mm,2.7mm,3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm.
Regular size: 1220x914mm, 1830x1220mm, 2250x1650mm, 2550x1605, 2440x1830mm, etc.
Deep processing: Mirror edge can be deeply processed into round edge(C-edge), flat edge(V-edge), beveled edge, fluted edge, polished edge, etc. Cut sizes are available according to customers’ requirements.

Quality control
Quality standard up to QB/T2064-94.

Storage notice
1. The storage or warehouse must be dry and a constant temperature is necessary.
2. Large mirror sheet should be placed in safe area, and do not store in outdoors.
3. Far away from heat and any kind of chemical such as acid, alkali, fuel, putty and various organic solvents or vapors,
4. Placed vertically with paper interleaved between mirror sheet.