vinyl backing mirror CATII
vinyl backing mirror CATII
safety mirror CATII

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aluminum or silver nitrate

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Features of vinyl backing mirror CATII
Oruii vinyl backing mirror CATII(woven fabric film) is produced by attaching an adhesive PE or PVC protective plastic film in the backside of mirror. It will prevent people from being hurt while mirror breaking. Vinyl backed mirrors are widely used in Canada, USA, Australia, Russia, and European countries.

Dimensions of vinyl backed mirror CATII
Thickness: 3mm,4mm,5mm.                                                 
Regular size: 297x1978mm, 373x1978mm, 449x1978mm, 487x1978mm, 622x1978mm, 1230x1978mm, 622x657mm, 775x657mm,927x657mm, etc.                                 
Deep processing: Mirror edge can be deeply processed into round edge(C-edge), flat edge(V-edge), beveled edge, fluted edge, polished edge, etc. Cut sizes are available according to customers' requirements.

Application range of vinyl backed mirror CATII
Vinly backed mirror is widely used in the sliding door, public area, airport, bank decorating, hotel, dance club, and home decoration.