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insulated glass

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Update Time 2016-11-01
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Features of insulating glass. Insulating glass, also called multi-layered glass, can be made of high quality common glass of various specifications or be structured with such glass as laminated, tempered, coated and Low-E coating glass, creating a better effectiveness of it. It has a lower U value and using one square meter of it will save electricity about 25W. It has better soundproof will be achieved when the glass is used, reducing noise of about 30db.Insulating Glass possesses a great deal of advantages such as energy saving, soundproof, safety and condensation proof, and is widely used in building industry, train, ship, refrigeratory, etc. Insulating glass is manufactured through sealing two or more float glasses with high-strength air-tightness composite viscose. There are aluminium alloy partitions filled with drying agents between the sheet glasses, which makes the air inside the glasses very dry, butyl rubber seal is used as the first line, the second seal use glass or plastic polysulfide adhesive on the basis of the used framework of the glasses. The space between the glass and glass is isolated from the outside world by sealant, there is a special gas or air, insulating glass has good performance of heat insulation and noise insulation. Besides, in order to reach different effects, hollow glasses can also be combined with coated glasses, toughened glasses and laminated glasses to form various composite products. Dimensions of insulating glass. Thickness: 3mm-19mm. Maximum dimensions: 2500mm x 3600mm. Thickness of aluminium frame: 4mm,9mm,12mm,16mm,19mm. Application range of insulating glass. 1. The location of dry, noise and heat insulation, office building, up-market residential, as well as car use glasses. 2. Window and door use for cold region. 3. The location of maintaining constant temperature and humidity. 4. Energy saving, noise-insulation, warm keeping, dew proof. Charging in special gases, such as argon gas may further improve heat and sound insulation.