silver coated mirror sheet
silver coated mirror sheet

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Features of silver coated mirror sheet

Silver coated mirror sheet is produced in the chemical plating method. It must use the highest grade float glass as base sheet. Usually, the quality is mainly lie on the float glass. If high reflectivity float glass without air bubble,sand granules, the coating mirror will be the best quality.

The detailed procedure is float glass polishing and washing, tin salt action, silver coating, copper coating, high-temperature drying, protective paint coating, heating and drying, cooling, second paint coating, heating and drying, cooling, water cleaning, blowing and drying, quality inspection, packing by auto machine.


With higher reflectivity than aluminum coated mirror, silver coated mirror sheet is widely used in all kinds of the finished mirror and deep processed mirror. The thickness of large mirror sheet is from 2mm to 8mm. The regular size is 1220mmx910mm, 2440mmx1830mm, 2550mmx1650mm, 3210mmx2250mm,etc. Cut sizes are available according to cusotmers' request.